Nikki Chippeaux

Residential - Sales Associate

The Platinum Rule… This is the way Nikki pursues everything in life… treating others the way they want to be treated. She believes that honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, along with many other attributes are things that most people seek in a REALTOR ® . This is why Nikki chose JP WEIGAND & SONS, INC as the company to work with. Their values align, making it a strong and beneficial partnership.  Nikki and her husband have already bought/built and sold 5 houses in their first 17 years of marriage, and have had both good and bad experiences in the buying and selling process. This has driven her to become the type of REALTOR ® that others want to turn to and can relate to. She is hard working, patient, knowledgeable and dedicated. She recognizes that every client and...
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